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Обсуждение участника:Лёва Корова }

Rhubella Marie, heloy! --Лёва Корова 13:19, 23 de febreiro de 2011 (UTC)

I'll see if I understand you here.Editar

  • Firstly, I am grateful to have remembered me and called for having me on your new wiki sysop. But unfortunately I do not speak your language and I believe it is impossible to contribute in some way.
  • Second, I learned from his banishment in his uncy Christmas and wish you luck in your project. And unlike you think, we have no UnMeta's predicament with users belonging to the server of wikis on Wikia. Our problem with them is another thing that is beyond their comprehension.
  • Finally, I found it unfortunate part of his address to ask a sysop of my unbans in Desciclopedia. It just got more problems with the administration of this website and I not contribute or for more than two years and I will not return. My work here is done only in 7 others uncys of project UnMeta and advisers in two wikis out of the project, but in my native language. Still, I appreciate the trust given and wish him luck in his new project.

Graciously,   Rhubella Marie,  a ratiña monicreque 137.456 preppiedits   15:32, 23 de febreiro de 2011 (UTC)

PS: Do not copy content of my private pages without knowing what it is.[1] Another thing, my talk is blocked for new users and IP's to prevent trollos some time from now you can edit without problems. If you want to give an answer can edit their own talk in which I will read patiently.   Rhubella Marie,  a ratiña monicreque 137.456 preppiedits  

Rhubella Marie, que pensas que eu son un troll? --Lev Vaca 11:42, 24 de febreiro de 2011 (UTC)

  1. Seu ban en ru: e a explicación de Edward por vostede ser troll
  2. Seu conetario en e o ataque do user:3EK por lá.
  3. E esas contas monicreques desrespeitando esta regra?

  Rhubella Marie,  a ratiña monicreque 137.456 preppiedits   16:18, 24 de febreiro de 2011 (UTC)

Rhubella Marie, ti, baby! --Lev Vaca 08:58, 26 de febreiro de 2011 (UTC)


Мое последнее предупреждение, или испортить другие Абсурдопедия или изгнать меня лично бесконечности здесь.   Rhubella Marie,  a ratiña monicreque 137.456 preppiedits   16:45, 8 de marzo de 2011 (UTC)

Imagem de escudoEditar

A imagem é de um escudo, não simboliza um vandalismo. Pare por favor com isso. Mal desbani e já está sendo desagradável denovo. Lembre-se que já ativei um Rangeblock aqui e farei o mesmo na UnCommons se continuar com essa merda. Cada vez mais estou dando razão ao Edward Chernenko.   Rhubella Marie,  a ratiña monicreque 137.456 preppiedits   00:27, 12 de xuño de 2011 (UTC)